Buying a New TV – Everything You Need to Know

Mark Preston

Can you imagine life without your TV? For most of us, the answer is no, which is why a TV is one of the most essential purchases for homeowners today. When it comes to replacing your current TV, you may be surprised by how much TVs have changed over the years. When it comes to choosing a new TV, you’ll find that TVs have increased in size substantially, allowing you to create a cinema in the comfort of your own home. Keep reading as we discuss the key areas to consider when buying a new TV.

The TV Size

The size of the TV you purchase will be very dependent on other factors, such as how much space you have in your living room or the room where you are planning to place the TV. While you may think that a huge TV will look great in your home, some people find this is often a little too big and takes over their entire space. For people who don’t watch TV that regularly, it’s often not worth taking up a whole wall for your new television, and instead, you’ll be happy enough with a medium-sized screen. If you are lucky enough to have a dedicated TV room or cinema room, you’ll maybe want to look at the largest ones on the market, so you can have a cinema experience without leaving your home.

The perfect size is between about 55 and 65 inches for a living room, but you may want something a little smaller for your bedroom or kitchen. The distance you sit from the TV is also something to consider, as you’ll need to be comfortable when you are watching TV. You can find more information online about the ratio you need for the best viewing experience, as we encourage you to check these out before buying a new television set.

TV Resolution

The resolution of your television will impact your overall viewing experience. We recommend that most families opt for a 4K resolution television and avoid full HD and 1080p sets. For now, you probably don’t need to bother with 8K TVs, as they are far more costly than a 4K television. Save your money as 8K shows and movies aren’t available just yet, and you’ll find that it’s not worth paying extra for in the next few years.

HDR Television Sets

If you love watching colourful television shows, consider opting for HDR. This is a new feature that’s available on a 4K Ultra HD set, and it’s an abbreviation of high dynamic range. This helps to offer viewers more colours, better contrast levels, and improved brightness. It’s an upgrade on the 4K set and will help to bring TV shows and movies to life like you would never believe possible in your home. Of course, these sets are likely to be a little more costly, so think about whether that’s something you are willing to pay more for beforehand.

The Price of Television Sets

There’s no denying that television sets can set you back a fair amount of money. If you are willing to spend thousands of pounds on a new TV, you’ll have no trouble finding a set to suit your budget. However, most of us are only looking to spend under £1000, and you’ll also find you have plenty of options. Smaller sets will only set you back a few hundred pounds and will be a fun addition to your kitchen or guest bedroom. The type of screen you opt for will significantly impact the price of your television set, so keep this in mind when comparing your options.

Types of TV Screens

When it comes to selecting a TV, you’ll find the main options are LCD, LED LCD, and OLED. Aside from professional sets, the main options on the market today are LCD and OLED. LCD televisions are much more affordable than OLED sets, which are going to set you back a fair amount of money. LCD models start at just a couple of hundred pounds and offer excellent quality and value for money. You’ll find LCD TVs have the biggest range available as far as prices and sizes, and the image quality is very steady.

If you are happy to splash out on your next TV set, opt to upgrade to OLED. This uses a layer of organic LEDs, which are all controlled at the pixel level. It offers absolute black on the screen and an incredible level of contrast. If you’ve ever seen a demonstration of this type of television, you may see a fireworks show, which is a great example of this type of TV at work alongside a high-quality sound system.

There are so many different options when it comes to choosing a new TV, and we know how overwhelming it can be comparing your options in stores and online. For that reason, we encourage you to take your time measuring out your living room and your potential TV to find the right size and style for your needs. As a television is often quite an expensive purchase, especially with the TV stand and other accessories you may need, you’ll want to take a good amount of time discussing your options before concluding which will be the best solution for your family.