Apple Airpod Max Reviewed

Mark Preston


The Apple Airpod Max Headphones are the latest release in this category from the global technology giant. So long awaited has been their release, sales have already been record-breaking as people yearn to test out their capability.

Of course, when it comes to Apple products, we naturally associate them with advancements in technology, after the iMac, iPod, iPhone, and iPad have revolutionised the way we use the internet, listen to music, and communicate.

Today, we’ll review some of the key components of the Apple Airpod Max headphones on their style, quality, and overall value for money.

So, if you’re wondering whether or not these headphones are worth the money, read on, as we’ve done the hard work for you.

Aesthetic quality


Whether or not any of us like to admit it, when we buy an Apple product, we aren’t just looking for technical qualities, but also a smart, fashionable aesthetic look.

Apple has become synonymous with a young, hip, fresh, tech-savvy vibe that so many seek. When we wear headphones, we want to look good too.

It’s fair to say that this product fits that bill pretty well. They’re sleek, minimal, and elegant while remaining unmistakably Apple. They’d look just as good for anyone wearing a suit as they would for casual wearers in shorts and a T-shirt.

They’re available in space grey, silver, green, sky blue, and pink.

It’s possible to get the ear muffs engraved with a mixture of emojis, text, and numbers, which is an exciting shift towards a more personal stylisation. 

The ‘Smart Case’ comes included, which makes for an easy carry, but since the headphones fold neatly into a smaller size, the case looks quite smart too. (See below). (

The Fit


It’s of course vital that the product fits well, and comfortably. We might use them in bed, while doing housework, in transit, or during exercise. There’s nothing worse than wearing headphones that become sweaty, sticky, loose-fitting, or generally uncomfortable in any way.

Thankfully, the Airpod Max headphones do a great job in this regard.

The knitted mesh canopy and ‘acoustically engineered memory foam ear cushions’ are wonderfully comfortable. There’s no doubt that even after several hours of use, your ears won’t feel sore.

Furthermore, at a weight of just over 384 grams, the top of your head won’t suffer from the downward drag associated with many headphones of this style.

The Sound Quality


The most vital component of any self-respecting pair of headphones. The Airpod Max fairs quite well in this regard when compared with competing products in a similar price range.

The ‘high fidelity audio’ technology is key to this fantastic sound clarity. Essentially, what this means is that no matter what range of sound you’re listening to, it’ll automatically be enhanced to suffer from the absolute minimum level of distortion.

It’s really quite impressive.

As with many competing products, it comes equipped with optional noise cancellation, which allows an even deeper experience with your song, audiobook, or podcast. Unless connected to your audio device, this will certainly drain a little more battery but could be well worth it on a busy or loud train/bus/plane journey, for example. It’ll just be you and Rihanna, as though nobody else was there.

Technical details


There are a few technical details and benefits worth considering with the Airpod Max headphones, to make sure that they’re the right fit for you, (pun intended).

  • Spatial audio - It tracks your head movement, and based on this, sends the sound from different parts of the headphones, to create a theatre-like experience. This is perhaps the most unique and interesting feature of the whole product.
  • Switching devices - It’s easy, and fast. With just one press of a button, you can switch your audio from phone to tablet, to laptop, to TV. You can just as easily ‘share’ the audio between multiple Apple products at one time for an even further enhanced sound.
  • The battery lasts up to 20 hours in noise-cancelling mode, which is extremely impressive and compares very well with competing products in the industry.
  • Siri - It’s automatically activated 100% of the time, so you can control your device with just your voice for most major functions.
  • On-head detection - Another astonishing feature. The instant you put on the headphones, your audio will automatically be rerouted to come from there. It’s brilliant.



To find major faults with the Apple Airpod Max Headphones would only be to clutch at straws. Could the audio be improved? Yes. Could they be lighter? Yes. Could the battery last longer? Yes.

Overall, though, they’re brilliant.

Considering how much they’ll set you back, and the years of high-quality immersive audio you’ll enjoy, it’s a great investment for any Apple product enthusiast.

Whether you’re interested in audiobooks, podcasts, movies, music, YouTube tutorials, or anything else, you’ll love the feel, the look, and the audio quality of this great new release.