Add More Variety to Your Breakfasts With a New Waffle Maker

Mark Preston

Are you bored of the same breakfast dishes you’ve been eating over and again for years? If so, why not brighten up your mornings with waffles for breakfast! Waffles make a fun dish that everyone in your family will enjoy, and it offers your kids and teenagers a great treat during the weekends. Of course, making waffles isn’t going to happen without a trusty waffle maker, which is why we’re here to help you today with our buyer’s guide. Keep reading to learn about choosing the best waffle maker and how you can mix up your breakfasts this year with this fun new device.

What is a Waffle Maker?

If you’ve never used a waffle maker, these are devices that plug directly into the wall. You’ll pour your waffle batter directly into the machine, and then you’ll leave it to cook your waffles until they are the perfect golden brown shade. Instead of having to worry about your waffles cooking through properly on each side, you’ll find that when the machine heats up fully, it will ensure you get the perfect meal each and every time. While there are waffle makers that you can use in the frying pan, you’ll find these often get awfully messy, which isn’t ideal for making breakfast in a rush. A large waffle maker might even allow you to flip over the waffles halfway throughout the cooking process, and you can then release them once they are done. 

What Size of Waffle Maker Should I Buy?

One of the top considerations when selecting a waffle maker is the size of the waffle maker. You’ll find there are options for every single size, from personal waffle makers to ones that are ideal for feeding a larger family. You won’t need to worry about having to wait around too long for everyone to eat, and some waffle makers will allow you to cook your whole family’s breakfast in one go. When considering the size of your waffle maker, you’ll want to think about how much space you have on the side in your kitchen or in your cupboards. Try to avoid buying a machine that’s far too big for your kitchen space, as you’ll find it to be a huge eyesore when it’s not in use.

Good Heat Distribution

If you want your waffles to be cooked properly, you’ll want to ensure your new waffle maker distributes heat well. When a machine doesn’t distribute the heat, you’ll find that you have dark waffles in one area, and the rest of the waffle will be pale and uncooked. This isn’t something you’d want to serve your family, and you’ll soon become frustrated. Look for a waffle maker which has an indicator that tells you when it’s fully heated up. This will stop you from starting to make your breakfast before the machine is ready, which can save you time in the mornings. Some machines even have multiple different heat settings, so compare the options on offer to find an easy to use machine that will make cooking breakfast more fun than you ever expected.

Working With Your Budget

A waffle maker isn’t something that you’ll necessarily use every day. For that reason, you’ll want to think about how much you will use your waffle maker when deciding how much you want to spend on it. If you think you’ll only use your waffle maker once in a while, we encourage you to try to find a more budget-friendly solution. You’ll find that there are plenty of cheap models out there, but you’ll want to consider how powerful they will be. Sometimes it’s worth spending a little extra to find a more effective waffle maker that won’t frustrate you every time you are cooking.


When comparing waffle makers, you’ll see that they tell you how quickly your waffle will be cooked. A good waffle maker should take about two minutes to make each waffle or set of waffles. If you find the machine is too slow, the centre of the waffle won’t be fully cooked. On the other hand, when it’s too quick, it might get burnt if you leave it unattended.

Non-Stick Plates

We encourage you never to buy a waffle maker that doesn’t have non-stick plates. Without these, you are just asking for the mixture to be stuck to the plates, and you’ll find cleaning up after your cooking session is an absolute nightmare. Look out for models that also have removable plates, which you’ll find on some of the more high-end options. You can just remove the plates and then place them in the dishwasher to make cleaning up quicker.

A waffle maker is a fun kitchen tool that your kids will be thrilled you’ve purchased. You’ll be surprised how quick and easy making waffles is with this device, and it will be a fun addition to your weekend breakfasts. If your kids struggle to get up in the mornings, you’ll find that fresh waffles will be the perfect way to drag them out of bed. When it comes to special occasions, you’ll also enjoy catering to family and friends and impressing them with a unique breakfast that will make them feel like they are on holiday.