A Closer Look At The Amazon Echo (Fourth Gen)

Mark Preston


First of all, what exactly is an Amazon Echo?

Well, this is of course the 4th generation model of the Echo, and they’ve certainly changed and developed over the years. The model released on October 22nd, 2020, shouldn’t be seen primarily as an audio speaker, but more as an all encompassing ‘home hub’ device.

There’s no doubt that this sort of technology will become the standard in millions of homes across the world over the next decade or two, but for now, companies like Amazon are right at the forefront of this technology.

Read on for more, as we consider the value for money, audio, visual, and ‘smart home’ benefits of this device, which already sold by the millions in just a few short weeks.

The Sound Quality


For all its tricks and frills, without decent sound quality, the Amazon Echo 4th would be deemed as a critical failure. Thankfully, though, the sound quality is sensational. In fact, it far surpasses that of its three predecessors.

It offers exceptional range, ‘dynamic mids’ and a resounding deep bass, which in combination provide a well rounded audio experience, no matter the genre of music you choose to enjoy.

It compares well with many of its competitors, where in some cases the audio playback can be an intensely unenjoyable cacophony of muffled noise.

In addition, you have the option to play the same song on every device throughout your home, which can be a lot of fun while doing house chores or hosting guests. At the same time, with one simple voice command, you can separate your device from the group and play something just for you. (amazon.co.uk)

Voice Control


And now for the really fun part.

A CD can play music, and we can use a phone to contact our family and friends, but the wide variety of tasks that the Amazon Echo can accomplish at the drop of a hat can truly make our lives easier.

Now that is the best selling point of this device, by far.

OK. Let’s say you want to let your housemate know that the pizza delivery is here, ask Alexa to play Crazy Frog for the thousandth time, answer questions, play news updates, set an alarm, tell you the weather forecast in Dubai, The Amazon Echo can do it.

In terms of searching the internet and delivering the information directly to you, clearly and in quick time, there’s not much that this device can’t do.

Not only that, but it can control all compatible smart home devices.

If you’re in the kitchen and dinner’s ready, you can let your entire household know via everyone’s individual spaces. No longer will we need to shout up the stairs or hunt the family down to get them to wash their hands!

This could be a laptop, a fridge, light switches, air conditioners, other speakers. You name it, if it’s smart compatible, you’ll never need to touch it again. Simply give Alexa a command, and thus it shall be done.

It’ll even call somebody for you. You could be taking a bath, and have Alexa turn on the aircon in your bedroom, play some Chilean jazz music, and order a pizza with extra pepperoni, all while you struggle to locate your bubble bath.

If that isn’t a luxurious thought, then I can’t possibly think of what is.

Concerns About Privacy


Unsurprisingly, the main thing that puts people off getting a device such as the Amazon Echo (4th generation) is fears about their ability to maintain privacy, with it being such an interconnected device.

Whilst this is a sensible and completely reasonable concern, especially for those with children, it really needn’t be an issue in this case.

The product is specifically designed to protect your privacy and has several measures to do so.

There are several layers of control, such as the microphone ‘off button’ that disconnects each microphone. It’s also possible to disconnect WiFi completely, make your searches ‘incognito’, and perhaps most importantly, it has a child lock option, ensuring that your young ones only access suitable content.



In terms of value for money, there’s no doubt that it far exceeds expectations. The jump in quality and versatility available following the third generation is really quite astonishing.

Yes, the sound quality is great; yes; it’s easy and quick to set up, and yes, it looks good, without taking up much space.

However, by a million miles, the best selling point is just how much it can make your home life easier, and save you time.

If you have a busy household or a fast-paced work life, there’s nothing worse than coming home feeling like you have a million things to do.

With the Amazon Echo 4th generation, each of those jobs become quicker and significantly easier.